Personal Reflections from our Wedding

When I think about our wedding day, a little less than a year ago; the first thing that comes to mind is how overwhelming the feeling of love was.  My wife Anik, and I, fe


lt so much support from our families, friends and of course, our wedding party. This support system made all of the planning and prep feel effortless, and allowed us to really celebrate our love for each other, without judgement.


In the lead up to our wedding day we found that most of the decisions we had to make were straightforward, in that we know what theme and décor we wanted, and just had to bring our vision to life. Thankfully we are both creative, and used our combined talents and skills to effectively DIY our way through much of the planning process, saving ourselves some money in the end. All of our hard work, planning and patience were worth it, when our guests all had beautiful things to say about our artistic ceremony; from the surprise dance down the aisle, to evading my fear of public speaking by singing my vows.


If I could offer any advice to a couple planning their own wedding it would be to research all of your vendors to ensure that you are getting the services that you’re paying for.  We found ourselves in an unfortunate situation with our photographers and now we have very few professional photos of our wedding day. I would also recommend having a videographer on site as well as a photographer to capture those moments that will otherwise pass you by. The entire day goes by so quickly, as though you blink and it’s over. I wish that we had made room in the budget for a videographer so that we would have a record of the speeches, and other special moments. Thankfully we splurged on a photo booth so we have plenty of fun memories full of  laughter from the reception.


There will be budgets issues (it’s hard to decide what’s most important to you!). There will be last minute cancellations, or additions because of late rsvp cards. And there will be frustration over who sits at which table because of inevitable family drama. The important part remains staying true to yourself, and your wife (or husband)-to-be, and having a ceremony and reception fit for the two of you; regardless of what everyone else thinks. Let’s be honest; the people at your wedding love you and want to celebrate your love for each other…the rest is just extra.


“Thank you to our guest blogger Roxanne for sharing about your day!  You will also see Roxanne and Anik featured in our marketing campaign for the New Love is Proud Wedding Show and Social, thank you ladies you were a dream to work with!”

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