Make your wedding a reflection of you

We LOVED our wedding from beginning to end. Starting the planning we knew three things…

1: We wanted our wedding to be an inclusive celebration

2:  We didn’t want it to be overly formal

3:  We wanted to have a party!

Our entire wedding was in a hotel downtown, with the ceremony in the library, cocktails in the foyer and dinner/dancing in the restaurant which allowed people to spend the whole day without any long breaks.

We had  been to a lot of weddings and always find that the gap after the ceremony and before dinner (where people change venue and take pictures) can really zap you of energy so we wanted to avoid that.

We decided to save money by creating our own playlist as we knew that we could play as much Cher, Lady Gaga & Celine Dion as we wanted.  By doing this allowed us to have a open bar so people could really enjoy the evening.

We opted for no gifts, instead we asked our guests to book a hotel room so that everyone could enjoy the party responsibly. If we had to do our wedding again, we wouldn’t change a single thing. It was the best!

Thank you to guest blogger Andy for sharing his and Paddy’s wedding reflections with us.

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