Finding Your Style – Design and Decor

Once the questions been popped and the date has been set, the real fun begins!

You get to decide what getting married means to you and how you are going to share this celebration with your family & friends.

Do you want…
A cozy, intimate gathering of just those closest to you, surrounded by sparkling crystal and flickering candle light.
A rustic outdoor ceremony amongst tower maples, followed by hearty buffet dinner surrounded by an abundance of fresh flowers, gauzy linens and natural wood & stone.
An elegant black-tie affair, in a modern space with soaring ceilings, clean lines, muted tones and dazzling metallics.
An amazing party, in a club-like atmosphere, adorned in vibrant prints, bright coloured lights and a rocking band that will keep your guests dancing until dawn.


Or is what you’re looking for something completely different?

One of the most memorable weddings in the past few years, was a couple who had their guests dress formally for the ceremony, then gave them time to change to casual wear before splitting them into teams and having them play a variety of intramural style games. They finished their day with a casual backyard style BBQ, before awarding trophies & prizes to the winning teams.

I’ve been a part of some breath-taking weddings that fully embrace the couples love for Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, Batman, Beauty & the Beast, Harry Potter, Joss Whedon, John Deere, Hunting & Fishing, renaissance fairs & medieval times, Hockey, and more. There have been themes created on the season they’ve chosen, the places they’ve travelled to, or their favourite childhood fairy tales.


By embracing who you are as a couple, you’ll end up with a day that is completely unique to you and your partner. Feel free to do away with any traditions that you feel are dated or that don’t suit your individual tastes or style. Use your favourite colours, foods, pop culture references, trinkets and souvenirs from your adventures, and include your pets & loved ones, if that is what speaks to you! There is no wrong answer when it comes to planning your wedding. After all it is YOUR wedding.

Thank you to our guest blogger Susan Faith of Stanleys Olde Maple Farm

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